Drug Product Listings

Please note - this is not a complete list of products available in Canada. For a complete list of drug products marketed in Canada, visit the Health Canada Drug Product Database
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Generic Namesort icon Common Trade Name(s) Classification
Lithium, sustained release Lithmax Antimanic agents
Loteprednol etabonate Lotemax Corticosteroid
Lumiracoxib Prexige COX-2 inhibitor
Lurasidone Latuda Atypical antipsychotic
Mefloquine Lariam Antimalarial agent
Meningococcal Group C-CRM197 conjugate vaccine Menjugate Vaccine
Meningococcal vaccine Menveo Vaccine
Methocarbamol & Ibuprofen Summit Ultra Muscle relaxant/analgesic
Metronidazole with nystatin vaginal cream Flagystatin vaginal cream
Midodrine Amantine Alpha adrenergic agonist
Mifepristone + misoprostol Mifegymiso Abortifacient
Migalastat Galafold Various alimentary tract and metabolism products
Mirabegron Myrbetriq Genitourinary smooth muscle relaxant
Mometasone Asmanex Twisthaler Corticosteroid
Mometasone + formoterol Zenhale Corticosteroid + long-acting beta2- agonist
Moroctocog alfa Xyntha Hemostatic agent
Naloxegol Movantik Miscellaneous GI drug
Naltrexone + bupropion Contrave Anorexigenic agents
Naproxen + Esomeprazole Vimovo NSAID + PPI
Nebivolol Bystolic Beta-blocker, cardioselective
Norethindrone acetate + ethinyl estradiol femHRT estrogen-progesterone combination
Norgestrel + ethinyl estradiol Ovral Oral contraceptive
Ofatumumab Arzerra Antineoplastic agent
Olmesartan Olmetec Antihypertensive agent
Olmesartan + hydrochlorothiazide Olmetec Plus Antihypertensive agent
Olopatadine Pataday Anti-allergy agent
Ondansetron Ondissolve ODF Antiemetic
Oxybutynin Gelnique Anticholinergic / Antispasmodic
Oxybutynin Uromax Urinary Antispasmodic
Oxycodone OxyContin Narcotic
Oxycodone OxyNEO Narcotic
Oxycodone + naloxone Targin opioid
Paliperidone Invega Antipsychotic agent
Paliperidone palmitate Invega Sustenna Antipsychotic agent
Palonosetron Aloxi 5TH3 antagonist
Palonosetron + netupitant Akynzeo Antiemetic
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