Poison Prevention Tips

  • child resistant prescription bottleStore chemicals and medicines in their original labelled containers.
  • Keep medicines in child resistant containers.
  • Return medicines and chemicals to their safe place after using.
  • Always read the label before using a chemical or a medicine.

More information can be found on our Poison Awareness pamphlet.

What if a Poisoning or Overdose occurs despite your efforts?

  • If the person is unconscious, having convulsions, or having trouble breathing,
    call 9-1-1.
  • If the person is awake, call the BC Poison Control Centre right away.

What information do you need when you call the BC Poison Control Centre

  • call the poison control centre if you suspect a poisoning or overdoseThe name of the product or medicine.
  • How much of the product or medicine was taken, inhaled, or spilled on the skin.
  • When did this happen.
  • The age and weight of the victim poisoned.
  • How is the person doing now.
  • The telephone number you are calling from.

What can you expect from the BC Poison Control Centre?

  • A poison information specialist who is a nurse or pharmacist will answer your callA poison specialist who is a specially trained nurse or pharmacist will answer your call.
  • You will be advised if you need to take the person into an emergency department or if you can watch the person at home.
  • You may be given first aid instructions.
  • If the person can be watched at home, the poison specialist will advise you what to watch for and in some cases, may call you back later to see how the person is doing.