Bubble Blowing Solution

bubble blowing solution


Bubble Blowing Solution


What is in it:  Most bubble blowing solutions contain soap, glycerin and water.


Is it toxic?  Low order of toxicity but may cause irritation.


Health Effects:

Eyes:  Possible stinging, burning sensation and tearing. Once the eye is rinsed, the symptoms are usually mild.

Skin:  May cause mild irritation.

Ingestion:  Possible burning sensation in mouth and throat.  May cause mild vomiting or diarrhea depending on amount ingested.


What to do:

Eyes:  Rinse eyes with lukewarm water with one of the following methods:

  • Pour a gentle stream of water from a jug or clean teapot over the eye from the inside corner by the nose, across the eye, flowing out towards the ear.
  • Submerge eye in a container (bowl, sink) of lukewarm water.  Have patient open and close eye.
  • Eye may be irrigated in the shower if this can be accomplished without delay.
  • Young children may be wrapped like a mummy in a towel with arms at side and held over sink or tub or laid on counter during flushing.
Skin:  Rinse skin thoroughly.

Ingestion:  Rinse out mouth and drink a glass of water or milk.


Do not induce vomiting.  If symptoms persist after the above first aid measures, contact the Poison Control Centre.


How can I prevent exposure?  Observe young children when playing with bubble blowing solution.

Need more information:  Call the Poison Control Centre.


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