Stockley's Drug Interactions - Book Review

Stockley’s Drug Interactions 8th Edition, Karen Baxter (Ed.) Pharmaceutical Press: London. ISBN 978-085369-754-1. Hardcover, 1464 pages. $287.50.

This comprehensive, peer-reviewed, fully referenced textbook is comprised of thirty-five chapters, the first of which discusses general considerations and explanation of concepts, regarding the mechanisms of drug interactions.
Over 3,100 monographs are contained within individual chapters that discuss specific drugs and drug classes, and a final chapter that deals with miscellaneous drugs. Monographs are grouped individually, pharmacologically, or therapeutically, and cover potential drug (prescription, over-the-counter or illicit)-drug, drug–food, drug–juice, and drug–herbal product interactions.

Each clearly written monograph is detailed, yet concise, and consists of information in the following subsections, based upon a large body of published literature:
(1) introductory summary
(2) clinical evidence, which provides comprehensive details of any evidence available, with larger clinical trials given greater importance than anecdotal reports
(3) mechanism, if known, is briefly explained
(4) importance and management, with importance being evidence-based
(5) references, which allows for further evaluation by the reader.

Some monographs contain fewer subsections where there is limited information available, or the need to be comprehensive is less necessary.

This reference textbook is a very practical resource for several reasons.  The introductory summary subsection provides a quick assessment of the potential drug interaction, which is extremely useful for the busy health care clinician.  Besides providing information on the clinical significance of potential interactions, the importance and management subsection presents a practical method to avoid possible clinical problems. By relying on evidence-based information, discussion of concerns regarding theoretical potential drug interactions is reduced, thereby minimizing consideration of theoretical concerns.

Stockley's Drug Interactions is an invaluable reference, when evaluated, evidence-based and clinically relevant information concerning drug interactions is required.  It is well utilized by the drug information pharmacists at the B.C. Drug and Poison Information Centre.