Drug Product Listings

Please note - this is not a complete list of products available in Canada. For a complete list of drug products marketed in Canada, visit the Health Canada Drug Product Database
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Generic Name Common Trade Name(s) Classification Date Marketed in Canada (yyyy/mm/dd)sort icon
Letrozole Femara Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor; inhibitor of estrogen biosynthesis; antitumor agent
Tramadol Tridural Analgesic
Pregabalin Lyrica Analgesic
Polyethylene glycol 3350 Pegalax Laxative
Heparin Sodium Hepalean Heparin anticoagulant
Estropipate Ogen
Digoxin Apo-digoxin; pms-Digoxin; Lanoxin
Cilazapril Inhibace ACE inhibitor
Salicylic acid + Triclosan Panoxyl Clear Acne Cleansing Gel
Risedronate sodium Actonel Bisphosphonate
Risedronate + Calcium carbonate Actonel APC
Lenalidomide Revlimid Antineoplastic agent
Midodrine Amantine Alpha adrenergic agonist
Norgestrel + ethinyl estradiol Ovral Oral contraceptive
Ethinyl estradiol + norgestrel Ovral Oral contraceptive
Propoxyphene Darvon-N; 642 Narcotic
Sitaxsentan Thelin Endothelin receptor antagonist
Lithium, sustained release Lithmax Antimanic agents
Aluminum chloride hexahydrate Hydrosal gel Antiperspirant
Probenecid Benuryl Uricosuric agent
Digoxin Immune Fab (Ovine) Digibind Antidote
Tetracaine Pontocaine (spinal anesthesia) Local anesthetic
Crizotinib Xalkori ALK Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor
Oxybutynin Uromax Urinary Antispasmodic
Hydromorphone Dilaudid injection; Dilaudid HP injection Narcotic
Calcitriol Rocaltrol oral solution Vitamin D analogue
Calcitonin salmon nasal spray Miacalcin NS, Sandoz Calcitonin NS, Apo-Calcitonin NS Bone metabolism regulator
ASA + Meprobamate + Codeine + Caffeine 282 MEP Narcotic analgesic
Homatropine Isopto Homatropine Mydriatic agent
Hydrocodone resin with phenyltoloxamine Tussionex tablets Narcotic
Metronidazole with nystatin vaginal cream Flagystatin vaginal cream
Zafirlukast Accolate Leukotriene modifier for asthma
Clofedanol Ulone Antitussive
Ulipristal Fibristal Selective progesterone receptor modulator (SERM)
Tepotinib Tepmetko Protein kinase inibitor (antineoplastic agent)
Entrectinib Rozlytrek Antineoplastic agent
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